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Set your employees on the right financial path 

Increasing financial pressures, the cost of living crisis , welfare benefit changes and a rise in problem debt has made accessing advice ever more difficult.

By outsourcing specialist money and debt advice to us, people can access expertise and tailored solutions quickly and conveniently, to address these challenges effectively.


Financial makeovers and advice for dealing with life changes, such as redundancy, unemployment, divorce and return to work

Income maximisation, to identify any unclaimed income and options to make the most of available money

Advice on expenditure reduction, like finding the best energy deals or grants to pay off arrears

Advice and assistance on the benefits system, we can help with claiming Universal Credit & Personal Independence Payment & claims issues


We help people to understand

their money better

 We help with difficulties paying bills, from rent and council   tax arrears to credit cards 


Successful debt counselling, which means we can help to work out what someone can realistically afford, and negotiate with creditors to set up more sustainable repayments arrangements and reduce bills

Specialist, accredited advisers, licensed to advise and administer formal insolvency options such as Debt Relief Orders & the Breathing Space Scheme as well as setting up Debt Management Plans


We specialise in solving debt problems

and stabilising income

Our training packages are designed to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to improve overall financial wellness.

Training sessions are available for employees wanting to learn the basics of looking after household finances, and frontline workers dealing with customers in financial difficulty

Typically delivered through a combination of in-person workshops, online courses, webinars, depending on the preferences and needs of the participants and their organisations.


We specialise in solving debt problems

and stabilising income

Some of our popular courses include –Money Guidance 

Budgeting and Money Management Financial Wellbeing

Essential Introduction to Debt Advice


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We help people to understand their money better

Consultancy services aimed at promoting financial

well-being and implementing money advice services within companies and communities.

With our expertise in designing and delivering services, we work closely with organisations to implement effective financial wellness programs tailored to the needs of their employees or members.

We are available for speaking engagements and media requests on topics related to personal finance, debt management, and financial education

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By partnering with Money Saviour CIC, landlords can ensure that their tenants receive the support they need to overcome financial obstacles, fostering positive tenant-landlord relationships and reducing the risk of rental arrears and evictions.


We’re able to provide specialist debt services in house but independently, removing any conflicts of interest.


Employers can enhance employee productivity and well-being by providing access to our debt advice and financial wellbeing services, ultimately creating a supportive work environment that values the financial health of its workforce.

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Local Authorities

We offer a valuable resource to support individuals and families facing financial difficulties within the community.


Outsourcing debt advice to only ensures that people receive high-quality support but also allows establishments to focus on their core responsibilities while promoting the financial well-being of the community, promoting financial resilience and prosperity for all.

How it works

We are contracted in-house, providing independent, specialist guidance on dealing with money, debt and benefits.


Our personalised advice sessions can be offered over the telephone, digitally or in-person, to help people navigate financial challenges with confidence. Initial advice sessions will typically be 60-90 minutes with follow ups as needed and ongoing casework to implement strategies.


We work on a fixed fee basis, charged to contracting companies with competitive rates.

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