We help people to improve their finances with individual money coaching.


We understand navigating finances can be difficult and offer full support and mentoring in a confidential and non judgemental setting.

Services include -

Expert money guidance

Review of household finances

Budgeting and saving on household bills

Help with income maximisation and expenditure reduction

Understanding relationships with money 

Practical ways to save

Set and achieve money goals

What you get :

consultation with a specialist, licensed money adviser 

Accessible appointment methods, face to face, telephone or email based

A follow up with a completed household budget, details of money savings, setting financial goals with timeframes and written report with full recommendations

Longer term support if needed

We charge £199 fixed fee per review with hourly rates for any additional ongoing support


 We have no hidden costs, no referral fees from other companies should we recommend you seek further advice 


*This is our only paid service to individuals and is not offered as part of our work with Housing Association or Local Authority tenants

*Prior to commencement of full review, we will assess your eligibility in order to meet our criteria 

 *We hold an FCA Licence to provide financial capability services, we are not Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs). We can help you to find a local IFA, there would be a cost to access advice for services provided by IFAS. We do not provide recommendarions or have any links with local IFAs or charge referral fees

 *We do not provide assistance with debt or financial difficulty with this service. Free debt counselling, debt adjusting and providing of credit information services is available via The Money Advice Service